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Which is better? Dry cleaning or water washing?
2019-06-20 09:33:51

When it comes to dry cleaning, many people feel that "dry cleaning is superior to water cleaning". Clothes sent to the laundry should be dry-cleaned. Is that right?

In fact, whether it is dry cleaning or water washing, they are just different washing methods, there is no question of who is more upscale. The clothes sent to the laundry should be determined according to their stain composition, fabric type, accessories and manufacturing process. For example, down clothes are suitable for washing, while cashmere overcoats are suitable for dry cleaning.


Clothing stains in life can be divided into water-soluble stains and greasy stains, which are dissolved in the process of washing and dry cleaning respectively. Many people also think that the biggest difference between laundries and household laundries is that laundries operate dry cleaning services, also known as dry cleaners, and laundries should be dry cleaned. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of the laundry. In operation, laundries are both engaged in dry cleaning business and water cleaning business. There is no laundry shop that only does dry cleaning but does not do water cleaning. In Europe, the United States and some developed countries, washing clothes accounted for more than 60% of the total laundry, because the combination of washing with various manual washing methods is suitable for removing most of the clothing stains. Choose dry cleaning or water washing, or depend on which washing method is suitable for clothing.

From a professional point of view, washing and dry cleaning are only technical requirements, not cost issues. From today's cost estimates, water washing needs to invest a lot of manpower, which is comparable to the cost of dry cleaning. Professional laundries will choose the cleanest and safest way for you to wash clothes.


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