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Fornet Attended 519 Public Welfare Concert in Beijing
2019-06-19 18:36:27

On May 19 2019, the 29th National Day for Disabled Persons has held in Beijing. China Lion Federation 'Warm Project - Realizing Disabled Persons'Dream'. On May 19, the National Joint Services for Disabled Persons was organized by the Beijing Representative Office of China Lion Federation, Beijing Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation and Beijing Disabled Persons Federation Special Association. Sun Guodong, Director of Social Work Department of Beijing Disabled Persons Federation, Zhang Liang, Deputy Director of Beijing Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation, and representatives of disabled children, relatives of disabled persons and caring personages watched the performance together, and the performance was full of seats.

The Grand Performance of Ai Zhiyin, Ai Xing Growing-Public Concert

That night, the concert was opened in the African Drum 'Love My China' performed by the Yungang Street 'Sound of Mind' performing team. Then, more than 10 performances of different forms, such as piano solo 'Red Star Flashing Glory', children's sign language song 'Heart of Gratitude', 'Chinese Young Pioneer Team Song' and 'Singing and Smiling' orchestral music performances, were performed in turn. Its magnificent degree and performance significance once pushed the scene atmosphere to a climax.

Thanksgiving Heart: Children's Sign Language Song: Yan Zhaoxing Children's Art Troupe (16 people)

'Trust in Yourself' and 'Good Time' shelf drum solos: Chen Junliang

'Believe in Yourself' and 'Good Time' shelf drum solo: Chen Junliang is aware that this public welfare event is the third year held by 'Ai Boy Yin, Ai Star Growth - Public Welfare Concert', and also the third year of Fonet as the sponsor of this event. In this concert, Fonet won the '29 National Paralympic Day 5.19 charity concert charity organization award'. Over the past three years, Fornett has been accompanied by public welfare concerts, not only from performance activities, but also from life actively appealed to social caring enterprises, caring people to join the ranks of public welfare. With their passionate performances, the young actors brought Deyang audiences an unforgettable musical journey and elegant art into people's lives.

Fornet (Left 1) Won the Care Organization Award of the 29th National Day for Disabled Persons 5.19 Public Concert

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