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Fornet Won the Excellent Chinese Chartered Brand Award in 2019
2019-06-19 18:17:51

Fornet Laundry won the China Excellent Franchise Brand Award in 2019, which was organized by China Chain Operation Association (CCFA). The competition for this year's Chinese Franchise Award ended recently. The main theme of the competition is 'Promoting Excellent Brands and Sharing Best Practices', and the selection of Excellent Franchise Brands is centered on enterprise innovation and franchiser satisfaction.

On March 20 2009, China Franchise Conference was held in Beijing. Beijing Fornet Laundry Co., Ltd. was awarded the 'China Excellent Franchise Brand Award 2019' and it is the only enterprise engaged in washing and dyeing services among the 30 outstanding enterprises in this year.

(First from left: Beijing Fornet Laundry Co., Ltd.)

(China Excellent Chartered Brand Award in 2019)

Since 1997, Fornet has been insisting on developing laundry business in China through franchising. In the 22-year franchise, with its own advantages, Fornet has not only made remarkable achievements in the scale and standardization of the system, but also established its reputation and status in dozens of laundry brands throughout the country. According to the figures disclosed in this election, up to now, more than 1500 stores (more than 1200 front and rear laundries and more than 300 collection points) of Fornett have spread over 320 cities in 31 provinces and cities across the country, with a large number of members and customers, and have gained good reputation for service.

(Fornet Store Growth Map)

Since the opening of Xidan's first store in 1997, more than 1500 stores have spread all over the country. More than 600 franchisees have chosen to join the brand. Nearly 30% of the franchisees have chosen to open 2, 3 or even 16 stores. Steady development speed and good market and word-of-mouth feedback, can not help but cause people to think: What is Fornet's ability to operate a small laundry for more than 20 years, and the market data is still growing steadily?

'Managing trust, creating value and being the best oneself' is his constant pursuit. In business, the goal is to pursue customer trust, and constantly carry out value innovation around customer needs. While providing satisfactory service to customers, enterprises and employees will become the best themselves.

For more than 20 years, Fornet has always insisted on 'professional service, reasonable price' to provide services to every customer. As a service-oriented enterprise, only continuous innovation can be recognized by the market. In terms of service items, Fornett is constantly investigating customers'needs for the laundry service market. In addition to the regular laundry business, Fornet has been committed to providing customers with a full range of cleaning services, such as shoe bag cleaning, door-to-door carpet and fabric sofa cleaning, door-to-door curtains and cleaning, creative customization and embroidery services to meet the needs of different customers. At the same time, in order to serve consumers more quickly, the online and under-line modes of Funet Laundry APP, Wechat applet, self-service laundry cabinet and so on have been developed and applied.

The unremitting and diligent management has made Fornett gain a good customer reputation, as well as the recognition of the industry. It has been awarded 'China Excellent Franchise Brand' and 'China Franchise Award' by China Chain Management Association for many times. It has been ranked as the first batch of AAAA enterprises in 2017 and won the 'Evergreen Award of Chain Enterprises for the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up' in 2018.

Ms. Julien, General Manager of Fornet, said in an interview with the media: 'Thank you very much for the recognition and encouragement of Fornet from all walks of life. Today's honor does not mean that we have done our best. We still have a lot of room for progress. We still need to make more efforts to meet the customers'wishes. Only by constantly improving and improving our services, can we live up to the trust and expectations of the market.'

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